Article published on Thursday, October 13th, 2011
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Welcome to Sword Girls, the anime-style online card game about swords, sorcery, and schoolgirls. This is an introduction to the fourth and and final faction, Darklore. You won’t find pure-hearted schoolgirls or valiant knights here. Darklore’s ranks are filled with vampires, witches, and other creatures of the night. Whenever the sun falls and the moon shines bright, people stay in their homes, with one fear in mind: Darklore.

Iri Flina

Iri Flina is the main Darklore Character. An outcast, even among other vampires, nothing comes easy for her. She’s unused to kindness, and there’s little in life she can safely enjoy. As the story unfolds, Iri finds someone special to her, but can she control her darker impulses? Only time will tell. She may have a softer side, but a vampire is a vampire, and Iri is vicious in combat. Instead of empowering her allies or impeding enemy Followers, she goes after the enemy Character directly, dealing a point of damage every turn her Field Size is larger than her opponent’s. That may not sound like much at first, but it adds up quickly, and when properly supported with Followers and Spells, Iri can be a brutal opponent to face.

Scardel Pinot Noir

Not all Followers rely on special tricks to carry their weight, and Pinot Noir disregards special abilities in favor of being, simply-put, powerful. She has an impressive Attack of 6, capable of tearing through most Followers in two hits. Any attack directed at her has its damage reduced by two. Couple that with her impressive Stamina of 16, and you’ve got a Follower that gives and takes hits like a ton of bricks.


Sacrifice is a Spell that pairs nicely with Iri’s penchant for direct damage. When this spell is cast, your Character loses a point of Life, but the enemy loses four! This damage is roughly equivalent to the damage a Character takes when they lose a moderately powerful Follower, so it’s a significant hit. Oh, and in case you were wondering, if this card would take you and your opponent down to 0 Life, you still win. Sacrifice is a great card for hurting an opponent that’s on the defensive, finishing off an opponent quickly, taking the advantage in a close game, or just plain easy damage.

Magic Eye

Finally, we have the first Darklore Double Rare card. If you were suspicious of Iri’s eyepatch, you were right. Behind it lies a devastating power that she can unleash on enemy Followers. This powerful Spell hits every enemy Follower and takes their Attack, Defense, and Stamina down by 2 each. Their attacks are weaker, they take more damage if they get hit, and to rub it in, their health takes a hit too! It’s a powerful card that anyone would be jealous of. Of course, you can mix factions in your Sword Girls Deck. This card can be used by anyone, regardless of their faction, although in the hands of anyone but a Darklore Character, it loses its Stamina damage.

There you have it. The fourth and final faction. The exclusive Sword Girls closed beta launches today (10/12) at 6:00PM PT, and the tension between Vita Public High School, the Academy, Crux, and Darklore will finally explode into open conflict. Which will you choose? Schoolgirls, maids, knights, or vampires? Or will you use a mix? Watch your inbox for your invitation, or sign up for a beta key at and join the Facebook community at