Article published on Saturday, October 8th, 2011
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Free-to-play games are becoming increasingly popular for PC gaming and now Sony is claiming it will revolutionize the way people play games on consoles with the upcoming release of PS Vita. Sony Corporation has been pushing hard to bring free-to-play games to console systems such as the release of Free Realms for the Playstation 3 a few months ago. News has come to us that the Playstation Vita (formerly known as Sony NGP) will support free-to-play game titles through microtransactions. It has been confirmed that the F2P browser game Sangokushi Next will be available for the PS Vita on December 17th 2011 as a free download for the handheld. The game will be supported by microtransactions through the Playstation store. Sony has also announced that the PS Vita will be region free allowing anyone to play games from worldwide territories. The PS Vita is slated for December 17th 2011 for the Japanese market. The release for North American market has not yet been announced. Be sure to visit the official PS Vita Blog to stay up to date.