Article published on Friday, October 7th, 2011
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Welcome to Sword Girls (, the anime-style online card game about swords, sorcery, and schoolgirls. This time, we’ll be taking a look at the game’s third faction, Crux. The nation of Crux is famous for two things. The first is their devotion to their faith. The second is the order of Crux Knights, soldiers who protect Crux and humanity from whatever dark creatures lurk in the night. These aren’t mere students, but a standing army of holy warriors who once saved the world from a deadly invasion from another realm. They have both the skill and the determination to vanquish darkness, wherever they find it.

Luthica Preventer

Crux Knight Luthica is the star Character of Crux. Rescued at an early age by Head Knight Jaina, Luthica repaid the favor by joining the Crux Knights. Since then, she’s proven herself time and time again, and she leads the charge wherever she goes. Luthica is an inspiring figure, and at the start of every turn, a Crux Follower under her command has its Attack and Stamina raised by one each, allowing it to hit harder and last longer.

Crux Knight Pintail

Crux Knight Pintail is a formidable Follower. Now, every card has a Size rating. This is a rough measure of its power, but mainly exists to place a limit on how many cards you can have in play at one time. The cards in your Field can only have a total size of up to 10 at once. Most are rated from 1-5, and Pintail is a 4. Every time she’s attacked by a Follower with a smaller Size, her Attack and Defense rise by one each. She’ll take hits, but if she survives long enough, her boosted Defense will shrug off any attack direct at her, and her boosted Attack will counter for serious damage.

Close Encounter

Close Encounter is a Spell that grants two Attack and two Stamina to two Crux Followers. It’s a simple, but very effective Spell that lets you prepare for a larger attack, or react quickly to the appearance of an unexpected foe. Speaking of which, who is that girl in the background? Could she be related to the fourth Sword Girls faction? You’ll all find out next time, but there’s still one more card to go.


Pacifism is a unique and powerful Double Rare card. Double Rares are the hardest cards to get in the entire game, and are often capable of turning a battle around. When Pacifism is cast, all Followers, both allied and enemy, are deactivated. In short, whatever Spells are out will be cast, but no one’s going to be doing any attacking. However, Pacifism isn’t entirely passive. The ceasefire gives you an opportunity to prepare yourself, and every Crux Follower you control has its SIZE reduced by 1, giving you room to send out even more Followers and Spells.

Crux is just one of four factions in Sword Girls, and the exclusive closed beta is less than two weeks away. Sign up for a beta key at and join the Facebook community at