Article published on Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
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GameKiss, a respected global online game portal, recently began Open Beta for their brand new revamped metro action RPG game GhostX Ultimate. GhostX Ultimate is a renovation of the classic GhostX game that features pet-like Nanobots that assist players deal with the problematic monsters from another realm. The game has gone through a new evolution. With this update, players will get 5,000 free GKash for taking part in the Open Beta and to help the team eliminate game bugs. A completely new nanobot system has been added in that gives a class-less experience.

GhostX Ultimate takes place in a modern city landscape. The newly revamped version brings plenty of fresh content and new graphics as well as weird new mounts that let players travel more swiftly in the urban scenery. GhostX Ultimate now has sleek quests and a innovative item shop that lets you personalize your character like nothing you’ve seen before. You will be given 5,000 GKash for free to spend at the item mall however the data will be wiped at the end of open beta.