Article published on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011
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Sunnyvale, California – Historical maritime MMO Uncharted Waters Online (UWO) is happy to publicize its 1st birthday! Initially released through the Netmarble Portal, UWO continues to expand and has happily gained an impressive community of fervent adventurers. Today represents 1 year of awesome service, and together with North American publisher gPotato, UWO expects many marining journeys for several years more.

To signify their gratitude to every UWO player who’ve journeyed the high seas, the crew has organized day-to-day item giveaways and boosts for the whole month of October!

· Premium Ticket Blast - Throughout this event, participants will get a Premium Ticket if they’re logged-in to UWO on October 8 at precisely 8:00 AM. This excellent item will give the adventurer an opportunity at testing out a coveted sailing vessel or other beneficial prizes.

· Three Week Marathon Event - Participants can obtain items each day and boosts simply by signing in! Through the week of October 5, players having a Fame over 500 will acquire a unique item every day if they sign in for 7 days consecutively. The next week gamers will automatically receive 2X Skill Proficiency points, as well as 2X Fame points are obtainable the week following that.

· UWO Sailors Writing Contest - During the month gamers can showcase their fictional skills in the ‘UWO Sailors Writing Contest’. Gamers are urged to publish personal stories as well as opinions about their remarkable adventures in UWO. The greatest pieces will be selected to win 1 of 13 attractive rewards such as special ships like the Modified Royal Frigate, the Custom Schooner, or the grand prize - a Custom La Royale. Learn more details on our Official Forums.

Take a look at every detail regarding these birthday events plus more on UWO’s official websites:

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