Article published on Thursday, September 29th, 2011
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Sword Girls ( is an exciting anime-style online card game where girls empowered by magical swords battle for dominance. In the game, you can go into dungeons and battle against bosses, but sometimes, you want a fight that’s a little more personal. A fight where you have an intelligent opponent who understands what you’re doing and plan accordingly. A fight where you can trade words as well as blows. In other words, sometimes you want to match wits with another human being. Well, Sword Girls has what you need.

Facing off against another human being is an intimidating prospect to some, but Sword Girls has a matchmaking system to ensure exciting and evenly-matched fights. When you face a random opponent, there’s no chance that you’ll be instantly crushed by someone with a Deck far more powerful than yours. Every card has a Point rating that rates its power. When you build a Deck, the total Deck Points are used to determine who you’ll face in combat. What this means is that whenever you fight another player, you’ll always face someone with a deck about as strong as your own. If you do happen to lose, you can see what cards your opponent used to win and you’ll have some new ideas about how to improve your own deck. There’s nothing more exciting than realizing how to make a good thing even better.

At launch, Sword Girls will have two modes where players can test their skills against other players: Fight mode and Practice mode. In Fight mode, you’ll be matched against a random evenly-matched opponent. These fights may be tougher than the ones you’re used to, but after every Fight game, you’ll get special Accessories that you can use to craft new cards. No one leaves a fight empty-handed. You’ll get Accessories even if you lose, but the winner will get more, so fight with all you’ve got!

In Practice mode, you can set up your own matches and fight anyone you like. You can play against your friends, organize your own tournaments, and loads more. Games played in Practice mode don’t count as games played or won, so you can feel free to experiment with bold new strategies.

Challenge your friends in the exclusive Sword Girls closed beta and prove you’re the best. Sign up for a beta key at, and join the Facebook community at See you there!