Article published on Saturday, September 24th, 2011
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Sunnyvale, Calif. - Huge improvements are arriving to Prius Online. The gPotato crew has heard the community and launched a completely new server committed solely for PvE so gamers can discover the realm of Prius at their very own momentum. In the mean time, PvP players can locate adversaries a lot more quickly within the recently merged PvP server. The two servers are live!

Quite a few events will accompany these changes and participants on every server will receive their very own list of unique contests to have fun in. PvP gamers will fight for fame in a free-for-all headhunting challenge, with the top bloodthirsty villains claiming desirable items as well as the never-before-seen Pink Celero. Gamers having an eye on more glory can participate in the Grand Tournament, a team vs. team challenge whose finest matches will be recorded and added onto the Prius Youtube channel for everyone to watch.

On the other server, PvE players will rush for mastery of beasts, dungeons, plus much more. A single player will gain the name of Pero Whisperer by taming eleven of the wild beasts as their competitors battle to master just one. Solely this player will be deserving of the Special Event Pero they will obtain. Fearless players may also take hold of the Crest of the Conqueror in one of the numerous dungeons in Prius. Players who finish first will get a special reward for their courage and swiftness.

Prius gamers have all the more to look forward to soon! Developing on gamer suggestions, the gPotato crew has safeguarded the next content update more than a month earlier than planned. Better yet, it’s the largest update so far! Being released in October, the newest content will raise the level cap in addition to incorporating additional skills, fresh items, all new regions, and also completely new dungeons to flourish the player experience.

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