Article published on Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
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Views: 3033 (US) has just released an all new and detailed card orientation video for their highly anticipated free to play online card game, Sword Girls. In this video, you can study the card mechanics and see the 3 main card types played in the game. Character cards are the most crucial cards in the game. Your character card carries unique skills and represents your health. To win, you must slash the enemy’s character card and bring the life down to zero. But it isn’t that easy as your opponent will try to do the same. There are also follower cards that are deployed to protect your character card. If a follower dies, the character’s life will go down. These follower cards have supportive skills that can help you during the duel by strengthening allies or imposing more damage to enemies. Lastly, the third main card type are spell cards. Spell cards can be used on the field to heal allies, damage enemies, manipulate defense, harm other cards along with other unique effects.

There are hundreds of cards that will be available and each month new cards will be added to the game. The closed beta will start on October 12th so be sure to mark your calendars.