Article published on Monday, September 19th, 2011
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The Stratagems is an immersive online game that will take gamers back to the war-torn years of World War II. The game which was originally published as WWII Warfare in China has also been republished by different publishers around the world and with different names. The game developed by WISTONE licensed as War2 Glory from Just A Game, Dawn of Nations from Element36 Interactive, War 2 from MyCNX and now being published by Joyfort Entertainment as The Stratagems. Finding yourself in a battle-scarred world, you’ll prepare for the role of a military commander responsible for an occupied town hoping to survive, develop, and to eventually become established as a dependable, strong force. You will indulge in town management, production planning, research, trade, and labor allocations inside the city. There is also the option for getting together with other gamers via military or diplomatic tactics.

The Stratagems furthermore features real characters and well-known generals from World War II and will spotlight their distinct skills in battle. The game employs real troops from World War II, displaying their strong points and weak points to make a well balanced game. The Stratagems is developed to be conveniently accessible, yet entertaining to play and revitalizing game for everyone to delight in. The Stratagems includes real weaponry and units taken from historical World War II sources. You have the opportunity to assemble and control over 40 types of World War II units from every side of the war which includes "Katyusha" rockets, "King Tiger" tanks, "Stuka" bombers, and battleships. By researching your technologies, you can even design your own aircraft carrier fleet.