Article published on Saturday, September 17th, 2011
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In a few days, Blackmoon Games and Looki is going to be launching their free to play strategy browser game titled Romadoria for the North American market. Romadoria has been successfully released in numerous countries such as Germany, Poland France, the UK and more and shall be making its way to the US soon. The game is based on ancient Rome. Players need to battle for a position of power within the kingdom. Build a clan with several other players and combat against 1000s of other players.

Encounter a special period of breakthrough, conquest and conflict. There exists only 1 principle here: The principle of survival of the fittest and the vulnerable will die-off. Attain tactical brilliance by carrying out your good reputation across the land. March your armed forces to fight in opposition to thousands of other gamers and establish your colony. Romadoria US will possess a brand new feature known as the campus where several sports held during that time. Players can acquire various resources at the campus for wagering on the correct winner in a track race.