Article published on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
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The Pre-CBT version of R2 Online (Reign of Revolution) is serviced in English, and EXP rate, item drop rate as well as game drop rate is actually 10 x higher so gamers can get practical experience with rapid progression. The Pre-CBT version of free to play game R2 Online has started on September 7th 2011 and will conclude on September 21st 2011.

WEBZEN is managing various events for the Pre-CBT. By simply taking part and making a character, it is going to provide players numerous in-game items, equipment, quality item along with cash items in order to help you go through all level contents. Treasure box event is organised where one can swap treasure boxes from killing monsters with different quality items.

Furthermore there is an event in which WEBZEN is going to hand out medals to gamers who have enjoyed R2 Online test consistently as an honorary reward.

R2 Online has launched the teaser site along with the official forum since May and have conducted the 1st user test in June when the ‘Transformation system’ captured interest with the help of it’s distinctive features plus looks.

Tony Kim, Head of Global Publishing at WEBZEN said “We have fixed various issues which has risen from our last user test, and with 100% translation texts we are able to provide better gaming environment.” He also added, “With starting of Pre-CBT, we will do our best to develop and prepare quality contents up to CBT”

WEBZEN’s R2 Online is by far the most famous MMORPG in several countries, which in turn continues to be in service for Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Russia for more than four years.

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