Article published on Saturday, September 10th, 2011
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HAMBURG, GERMANY - Along with 6 free online games and also a community of more than 65 million players, InnoGames recently declared its migration plans for North America. The German-based developer and publisher that started in 2007, sticks to a scheme of “quality over quantity” which has demonstrated to be very effective in developing the corporation all through Europe, and it plans to change that into international triumph in the rapidly expanding free to play games market.

InnoGames is proving to be among the world’s leading developers and publishers of free online games. The company has achieved significant results with games like Tribal Wars, The West, and Grepolis, and not too long ago assigned Dr. Gerhard Florin, former executive vice-president of EA, as chairman of the advisory board. The company is known for browser games in past times, but in 2010 it broadened its collection by introducing its very first social game on Facebook (WestWars). Furthermore, it grew to be a publisher of 3rd party games by obtaining licenses for the Asian client game Bounty Hounds Online, that the company released in an open beta this past month. A year ago, InnoGames founded its initial subsidiary company, InnoGames Korea Ltd.

“We managed to continue our dynamic growth in 2010 and reached some milestones for InnoGames as a company. A primary reason for our success was the quick and worldwide roll-out of Grepolis”, InnoGames managing director and founder Michael Zillmer said. The strategy browser game was published in 17 languages in just a few months. Within the last year, InnoGames raised its turnover by over 100 percent.

InnoGames is additionally stretching the boundaries of its online business, together with Dr. Gerhard Florin as the new Chairman, they are seeking opportunities for gamers and business in Europe, UK and US. Formerly, Dr. Florin was Executive VP at Electronic Arts, in charge of sales, marketing and distribution of the organization’s publishing business, throughout Western Europe. “We are confident that Gerhard’s expertise and contacts will help us continue to grow,” Zillmer continued.

Dr. Florin said: “InnoGames has grown rapidly. It has a strong market position, especially due to its unique browser based games that appeal to both casual and core gamers. InnoGames has a very promising future as a global player, attracting customers all over the world. I am looking forward to being part of that future.”

InnoGames´ 1st online game Tribal Wars, now in its 8th year, posseses a proactive, faithful community that is consistently being grown more by the company; however this achievement wasn’t premeditated. During 2003, Hendrik Klindworth, collectively with his brother Eike and their good friend Michael Zillmer, created the game in their home studio and what was originally created as a hobby project, enjoyed by friends, expanded into something bigger than what they had anticipated. At this point, Tribal Wars has transformed into 1 of the largest browser games on the market.

InnoGames at this time is driven by more than 150 employees from 11 countries, and plans to grow to 200 by the end of 2011. The company is going to be employing for all departments, including graphics arts, software design, programming, marketing, and much more.