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Welcome guest, please login or was established in August of 2006 when free MMORPGs were a new concept to the MMO market in America. Today, is one of the oldest communities bringing information solely on the latest F2P (free-to-play) MMORPGs. We hold the top search results for keywords: f2p, free 2 play, f2p games, freetoplay, free to play, f2p mmorpgs, f2p mmos, f2p gamers, f2p forums and many more. In the earlier days, MMO communities covered a wide range of games including ones you had to pay to play. Unlike the other communities that we are still seeing today, we are proud to be an early advocate of free to play MMORPGs only. We have been working closely with companies that are now (or soon to be) big players of a rising industry (see graph for virtual currency & direct micro-transactions revenues).

Our philosophy is to serve the latest free MMORPGs to every gamer who cannot afford to pay a monthly subscription fee. We, the gamers, were sometimes misinformed about new MMORPGs; not knowing if the game would be a timely and costly mistake in the future. Many of us have probably spent hours before leveling up our character(s), inviting our friends and finding in-game bugs -- just so when the game turned gold (thanks to our help), it was no longer free to play. We had an upsetting monthly bill to pay if we wanted to keep our game account. Sure, maybe $20-30 USD a month is nothing to you but most gamers are teenagers who do not own a credit card or have a job. So some of us had to quit the game because we didn’t like the way these game companies used the bait and switch technique or we just simply couldn’t make the monthly commitment. I was one of them and this is why I started a community for MMORPGs that are absolutely free to play forever!

Don't be fooled! I know from most free MMORPGs I played that the quality of the game is comparable to pay to play games and sometimes even better. The only difference is that it's free. Especially during these hard economic times, virtual shops for in-game features, items and gifts have been a successful business model for this kind of industry. I have personally spent over $100 dollars on a free MMORPG in the past and felt that it was well spent. The gamers are happy to have the freedom to pay for a game when they want to and the game publishers are happy to have a lot more players who can be potential buyers in the future. This is why most MMORPGs today are switching to free to play. Anything that is free is good marketing. Gamers will most likely spread the word about your free game and support you when they can.

That's what we're doing here. Free MMORPGs are more plentiful than before, making their way into the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and creating new options for gamers to consider. Our commitment is to continue this philosophy by working closely with F2P MMORPG developers, publishers and partners around the world to serve the latest scoop to you -- the budget gamer.

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